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Success Stories

The Rahgozar Law Firm employs skilled legal advocates who practice exclusively in the field of immigration law. We understand that immigrants came to this country seeking a better life for themselves and their families.

Here’s what they have to say…

Below are testimonials from just a few of our very satisfied clients.

If you’d like to read more success stories please visit our profiles on the following sites:

Our company and I have started working with Pegah when she was just a new attorney and she showed us professionalism from day one. Her work ethics is unquestionable and she works very efficiently. I would highly recommend her!

Brian Taef

I am so delighted to recommend Pegah Rahgozar for legal services. My wife and I recently applied for and were granted a green card based on marriage. We are in a dream state and it has so much to do with our wonderful attorney.

Mohammadali Shah

I have worked with 3-5 lawyers and then was referred to Rahgozar. I got a sense that Ms. Rahgozar really cared about my immigration issue. The compassion and understanding I received was fantastic. The help I received was even better.

Kazim Hassan

I was highly satisfied with the firm’s handling of my immigration application. They were very professional, courteous, warm and friendly and corresponded in real time. Several follow meetings were set up to ensure that I understood the whole process from start to finish. In addition to taking care of all the paperwork filing, they were available during the entire process to resolve any questions and concerns. What impressed me the most was that the firm’s lead was present during the USIS interview process. This helped greatly to reassure me and to ensure that I was not being treated unfairly. Based on my experience with them I would VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND Rahgozar Law Firm, PLLC to anyone applying for US residency.

Surendra Surujdeo-Maharaj

Pegah’s advice was invaluable to me. My case was severely delayed and I was hitting a wall with immigration. It was not until involving Pegah that I was able to find resolution to my case. My GC was approved within weeks! Pegah is extremely knowledgeable in immigration matters. I would highly recommend her services.



Without doubt one of the best immigration attorneys in Houston. She is capable, skilled at her trade but above all, she is compassionate. Pegah was always available to answer my questions. Not only that, she tried her best to alleviate my stress and concerns regarding the immigration process. I will definitely recommend her.

Kashif Naseem

The best law firm I have ever been to! Pegah Rahgozar is a highly knowledgeable, determined lawyer and a great person. She really listens and cares about your case and gives it her best. I have never seen a lawyer so dedicated to their profession. I had a very tricky F1 case that was near denial. If it was not for Pegah, the case would have failed. Great lawyer! Great results!

Mariam Azmat

Pegah and her staff are our go-to immigration firm for our clients dealing not only with crime and injury but also immigration issues. Our clients have given us great feedback about her knowledge. She does an excellent job and is experienced and skilled.

David Alexander Volk

We are extremely grateful to the Rahgozar Law Firm for assisting us in our immigration case. A special thanks to Pegah for all her help, advice and for making sure we had a chance to fight for this complicated case. Our adopted son got a green card 2 weeks ago. It has been a long journey, Pegah served as more than our counsel; she is a shoulder to lean on and a source of knowledge and understanding. Her knowledge of immigration law, immigration controls and the overall system gave my family peace of mind and a successful outcome. She made an otherwise turbulent and difficult experience a little less stressful and we couldn’t be happier with the service that she and her staff provided. Without a doubt she is incredible! Thanks again Pegah!!! Feeling blessed and incredibly grateful!

Michael Mai

Where to start, well Pegah is an awesome lawyer she not only treats us like clients she treats us like family and continues to do so even now after my husband was approved. I highly recommend her she helps you through out the whole case whatever it may be and explains everything step by step you will always be up to date and aware of anything going on.

Crystal Fernandez

I was referred by my farmer’s insurance agent to Attorney Pegah in regard to my Immigration case (Asylum). It was the best experience I ever had working with the most flexible Law Firm (Rahgozar Law Firm, PLLC). It was an amazing relief working with her in handling the situation professionally through out the process which as of today is a pending case. She is a good listener,caring,opened and always easy to be in touch with particularly in responding through email. As of now she still my attorney and throughout I didn’t find anything negative or undone.

Bapeng Barka

My case has been very difficult and I have look for someone to help me for 10 years, after many lawyers taking my money just to tell me No! i cant help you! I was lucky to find Pegah and her team, from the moment that you first talk to her you will feel that you can trust her, not only because she is very knowledgeable in immigration law but because she will make you feel like family, Pegah has working on my case day and night, has been very patient with my ups and downs and I finally have hope, and this is what she represents to me and my family HOPE! thank you Pegah.


Mrs. Pegah Rahgozar helped in the filing of a working visa for one of our employee early in the year 2017. She was very patient and helpful throughout the whole process. It was the first time for our company to engage in this type of filing therefore, we didn’t know what in the world we were supposed to do. She explained the whole thing thoroughly. She listened to us and was very caring. She was very professional and experienced. She answered all our questions and made us feel like our case was her priority. She was always polite and courteous, we felt comfortable discussing all issues with her. She made sure all the options were exhausted for the success of our case and I really appreciate that about her. Overall, I am very satisfied with her service and I would highly recommend her.

Nina Queen

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