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Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are serious accidents because the impact is with greater force. In these types of accidents, always call the police.

Truck Accident Claims

Truck accidents are serious accidents because the impact is with greater force. In these types of accidents, always call the police.
Truck drivers are almost always driving for a company and do not want to get in trouble. However, accidents happen and it must be reported and documented. If you are badly injured do not hesitate to get medical attention. The police will come to you at the hospital to get your statement. If you can wait to receive medical attention, wait for the police and explain how the accident happened. It is important for the officer to get accurate information.

If you do not speak English ask for help so a family member or a friend can come and explain your statement to the police. The police will investigate the crash and take statements from drivers and witnesses. Take pictures of the scene of the accident and damages as soon as it is safe to do so.

Different Stories

After an trucking accident, there are always different stories from the parties involved. If there was no police report, anyone can change their story, maybe because they no longer remember, or simply because they do not want to accept responsibility.
Once involved in any accident, call the police. If the police was not involved and the other party is at fault, please get their statement in writing and have them sign it accepting fault. Another option is to get a recording of them accepting responsibility of the accident.
Many at times, the driver is not the insured and it is important to know their name and who is the insured of the vehicle. Take a lot of pictures of both cars and of the scene of the accident. If you’re involved in an accident call us at (832) 205-5978! We are here to assist you day or night!

Commercial Insurance

Insurance companies are most likely going to record everything you say and use it to their benefit. Truck Accident Lawyer Pegah Rahgozar ensures that you only respond to questions that you should and that insurance companies do not ask questions beyond the relevance of your case. Insurance companies also try to undervalue your case and extend a very minimum offer to settle your case that will not cover any of your expenses incurred.
A truck accident case will most likely be assigned to a Special Investigation Unit to assess the damage and take recorded statements of both drivers. Your recorded statement of how the accident happened is very important when determining liability.
The Rahgozar Law Firm is specialized in handling these claims and is always present on all our clients’ recorded statements. Our focus is to protect our clients’ interest and make sure they are prepared with all facts on how the accident happened.
Our 24/7 line of (832) 205-5978 is for your convenience because the Rahgozar Law Firm always puts the clients first! Call us for a FREE CONSULTATION (832) 205-5978 – we are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Why Not Get an Attorney? Call the Rahgozar Law Firm – Truck Accident Lawyer

Personal Injury Attorneys are at no cost to you because you did not cause the accident. The the liable party is responsible for all the damages and expenses incurred by the accident.

An attorney’s representation means your case will get the attention and value you deserve. The Rahgozar Law Firm has skilled and experienced attorneys whom can handle all your personal injury needs regarding your property damages as well as personal injury and pain and suffering.

The Rahgozar Law Firm is THE ATTORNEY YOU NEED – DON’T WAIT, CALL OR TEXT NOW – (832) 205-5978. The Rahgozar Law Firm provides FREE CONSULTATIONS.

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