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What to do after a Hit and Run?

Your safety is the most important thing in the world.

Try to get the License Plate and any description of the vehicle.

Your safety is the most important thing in the world. Only when you are in a safe position to obtain the license plate and any information of the vehicle running away please try to get it. The reason you need this is to give it to the police and to your attorney. The Rahgozar Law Firm will assist you in researching the owner of the car and will go after the hit and run driver with either a claim or a lawsuit to make sure the hit and run driver takes responsibility to pay for any expenses incurred due to his negligence.

Call the Police

Whether you were able to get the license plate or not from the car that hit you please call the police to make a report. There are many reasons to call the police for a hit and run and they are all for your benefit. One of the reasons to call the police is if there were any damages to the city. This means when the other car hit you, did you hit the center divider or did you hit a stop sign, a tree or any object that belongs to the city. If there is no record of a hit and run, or of you not causing this accident, the city may send you a bill or court date for you to pay the damages. Another reason for calling the police is to create a record for the incident and to identify that it was not your fault. This record can later be used should you want to claim Uninsured Motorist. A third reason to call the police and create a record of this reckless driver is to protect you. This driver can cause more damages elsewhere and someone may identify him. If your name is with the police, the police will notify you and you can obtain the information of the vehicle that hit you. Any additional questions, the Rahgozar Law Firm can answer at no cost to you. Call or text our 24/7 line 8322055978.

Get an Attorney

A hit and run is not an easy case to prove. The main reason is because there is usually no other party that can be identified. If you are to make an Uninsured Motorist Claim, there are many opportunities that you can answer questions incorrectly. Houston Car Accident Lawyer Pegah Rahgozar of the Rahgozar Law Firm will guide you through this process so you understand the questions being asked in order to respond correctly. The worst thing that can happen to you is to be denied coverage by your own insurance after being hit by a hit and run driver. Should your case be denied, you might find yourself in a position with no car, health issues and a higher premium. You can avoid all these problems by hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer Pegah Rahgozar of the Rahgozar Law Firm at (832) 2055978.

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