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Auto & Motorcycle Accidents

Top 3 Things To Consider When You Have An Auto Accident?

Are You Injured and In Pain?

Many at times when an accident happens we are in shock because either someone died or we get scared about our loved ones and do not feel the pain immediately. This is completely normal.

A day or even a week later you may start feeling aches and pains or headaches because your body is suffering from the trauma of the accident. Please know you can still go to the doctor and seek help. Your health is very important and an untreated accident can leave you with undesired injuries that can affect you for the rest of your life.

If you are not sure how to handle your circumstance after an accident, we are here for any questions at no cost to you. Call the Rahgozar Law Firm at 832-205-5978 for a FREE CONSULTATION.? We can always give you legal advice on what is best for you. Do not hesitate to call your Car Accident Lawyer at the Rahgozar Law Firm for your auto accident case even if it is just a quick question. WE CAN HELP!

Do You Want to Be Stressed With The Aftermath of The Accident And Insurance Companies?

If someone is severely injured or has died as a result of the accident, and you have no direction on what to do, an attorney can guide you on where to start.

If anyone is injured and you do not have health insurance, please know there are many places you can go to be treated.

If your car is totaled and no one is answering you fast enough, please know you are not alone.

Insurance companies are large corporations that serve people at their convenience. Life is busy and having to call the insurance adjuster multiple times just to get a hold of them is stressful and inconvenient. Also, after you report your claim, they will deal with your case with no urgency leaving you with no car, pains and aches, loss of earnings, and severe stress.

Do not put yourself in that position, know that a Personal Injury Attorney is specialized to handle these problems and will make sure you are treated differently and fairly. ?The Rahgozar Law Firm has helped many people resolve their Personal Injury Claim in a timely manner.? Let us be there to help you during this stressful time – call us for a FREE CONSULTATION (832) 205-5978 – we are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Why Not Get an Attorney? Call the Rahgozar Law Firm – Car Accident Lawyer

Personal Injury Attorneys are at no cost to you because you did not cause the accident. The negligence of another driver is what got you into this painful and inconvenient situation. Therefore, the liable party is responsible for all the damages and expenses incurred by the accident.

An attorney’s representation means your case will get the attention and value you deserve. The Rahgozar Law Firm has skilled and experienced attorneys whom can handle all your personal injury needs regarding your property damages as well as personal injury and pain and suffering.

The Rahgozar Law Firm is THE ATTORNEY YOU NEED – DON’T WAIT, CALL OR TEXT NOW – (832) 205-5978.? The Rahgozar Law Firm provides FREE CONSULTATIONS.

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