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Citizenship And Naturalization Lawyer

The Rahgozar Law Firm provides assistance with applying for citizenship and naturalization. We also walk applicants through several different tutoring sessions to prepare them for the citizenship exam and interview with federal immigration officials.

So you have decided to become a full-fledged American citizen?

Many have walked this hallowed path before you, and many will walk it after you, to become a United States Citizen.

Some notable people have become U.S. citizens through the citizenship & naturalization process, such as actors Pamela Anderson and Pierce Brosnan, star athletes Nadia Com?neci and Patrick Ewing, and notable physicist Albert Einstein.

At the Rahgozar Law Firm, we help immigrants apply for citizenship on a regular basis, and it never gets tedious or tiresome.

We love helping immigrants apply for citizenship, and it is one of the most fulfilling aspects of our job. Many immigration judges and court officers will also tell you that citizenship and naturalization ceremonies are their favorite part of their jobs.

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Once you have decided to apply for citizenship or naturalization, you will need to file a Form N-400 application and complete an interview with citizenship and immigration services

An attorney is not necessary to complete the citizenship and naturalization process, but legal advice can help ensure that the required paperwork is submitted properly the first time.

Additionally, our law firm works to guide permanent residents seeking naturalization through the process. We serve as citizenship advisors, preparing you for your interview and helping you study for the citizenship exam.


How should I study for my citizenship test?

USCIS publishes a complete list of the 100 civics questions and answers for the naturalization test that USCIS may ask applicants during the naturalization interview.

During the naturalization test, a USCIS officer will ask an applicant any 10 of these 100 civics questions. It is best to study every question and memorize the answers to each of them.

How much English do I need to know to become a citizen?

You must know enough to be able to communicate effectively with your interviewer. If you do not speak enough English to discuss your application with the USCIS officer, you may be unable to naturalize to become a U.S. citizen.

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